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4 New Mobile Games Released To Play This December #4

For this list, we have new mobile games where you have to fight with hordes of zombies or challenge the impossible with your ninja hero game.

1. Ninja Must Die

Here he has an action game where you have to master a ninja character through the world and fight against bosses with exclusive skills.

You are a young ninja and your mission is to solve the puzzles to reveal the truth of Ninja Realm by challenging hardcore levels.

You can play with your friends and help each other to get unlimited rewards after fighting strong enemies. Join a clan and become a master with the help of your teammates.

2. Zombie Hunter D-Day2

The love for apocalyptic games will never end. It has been 160 days since the end of the world and the walking dead are trying to rule the world.

Your job is to take your teammates and to survive against them using realistic weapons, like explosive firearms and advanced gear.

You can play Zombie Hunter D-Day 2 offline and there are different modes like defense mode, raid mode, bonus mode, and many more.

3. Blast Knights

Blast Knights is an adventure puzzle game where you have to match as many puzzle blocks as you can to survive.

Over 80 chapters are ready so you can use your skills and strategies to match as many colors as possible.

There are also heroes in the game where you can level up and equip them with better gear to fight the monsters with your best strategy.

4. Airship Knights

Anime RPG games hit differently. That’s why Airship Knights is a game where airships fly through the sky and you have to break through the infinite stages with AKF play to become a legendary hero.

Defeat the monster and get stronger in this endless journey. The combat will grow automatically and stronger enemies won’t be a problem for you.

Explore the world and fight in the arena with other powerful knights. Other mods like elemental islands, soul dungeon, sky towers, and temple are ready so you can start your magic journey now!

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