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Super New Survival Mobile Games To Play In Early 2023

Last Zombie State

As 2023 begins, we have prepared a list of 5 super new survival mobile games that have been just released on google play and you may want to try them.

1. Wolf Game Quest RPG Simulator

Wolf Game Quest is a new mobile game where you have to hunt wild animals, defeat bosses, and build your unique wolf pack to survive and dominate the open-world environment.

You can explore a vast and varied world filled with forests, rivers, and mountains, where you can use your skills to track and hunt other prey or to avoid predators on their terrain.

Guide the pack of wolves through the world, and as a leader, you have to prepare them for hunting and to defend your home against other players.

Call your friends and start playing this multiplayer survival game and become the most powerful wolf pack in the world!

Wolf Game Quest RPG Simulator

2. Last Zombie State

Last Zombie State is a shooter game where you have to survive in a world taken by zombies. Your primary concern is to find the best weapons to kill the enemies that are coming in waves.

Every time you clear a wave, stronger waves of zombies will come. You must be prepared with powerful weapons and armor to survive as long as you can.

A cool feature about this game is that the entire map is constantly changing as time is passing by. You will play as a single player and you can complete tens of story and side quests.

Last Zombie State

3. Haunted Granny’s Creepy Town

If you love horror games where someone is looking for you all the time, this game is defiantly for you. In Haunted Granny’s Creepy Town, you have to escape the room and the town without facing the scary granny nun.

You have to solve puzzles in other to escape the room then you have to explore the whole ghost town and to don’t be caught by the nun.

There will be a boat that you have to find to escape from the misty dock. Kind the key and solve numerous puzzles in other to escape the creepy town.

Haunted Granny’s Creepy Town

4. Island Survival Simulator Game

In this game you have to embark on an adventure and try to survive in the lonely forest by hunting, exploring, and crafting.

Island Survival Simulator Game is a very new mobile game where you can hunt animals to maintain your health and to find shelter when dangerous animals are looking for food.

Build your house to keep you alive and craft with the materials that you are finding on the island, items to help you fish and hunt.

A day and night mode is available, and you can travel around different islands to explore more around you.

Island Survival Simulator Game

5. Scary Neighbor Horror Games 3D

Here we have another new survival horror game where you have to face explore a haunted house full of secrets and strange things.

In Scary Neighbor Horror Games 3D you have to find a way into the Scary House, but you must be careful because there is an evil neighbor that wants to catch you.

Explore the evil house and reveal the neighbor’s evil secrets. Find hidden items and place traps to distract him so you can find all his secrets and reveal his real personality to other neighbors.

Very cool features from cartoonish themes and graphics to evil sounds and high-quality maps are prepared so you can find what the neighbor’s doing in the house.

Scary Neighbor Horror Games 3D
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