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5 New Tower Defense For Mobile Under 50K Downloads

Isle Of Arrows

In this list, we have prepared 6 new tower defenses games for mobile that are freshly released on the google play store and you should get your hands on them immediately.

1. Random Rush – Tower Defense TD

In this tower defense game, you have to defend your kingdom from evil forces using heroes. Create your best and most powerful army using your favorite heroes and use the best tactics to counter the incoming wave.

A PvP mode is also available and you can create or join clans to have more success in both PvP or Co-Op battles.

Rewards are available in the chests, from where you can get better heroes. Upgrade them and defeat the monsters in this fast-paced tower defense battle.

Random Rush - Tower Defense TD

2. Rush Arena – Tower Defense

Rush Arena is a tower defense game where you can fight with other players from all over the world in PvP battles.

Defend your castle in this game set in the world of Rush Royale. Combine your tower to create a stronger one to make you unstoppable in the arena.

All the towers are available as cards and you must find them from the chest or from daily offers. The rarest the card is, the stronger the tower will be on the battlefield.

3. Isle Of Arrows

Isle of Arrows is a premium tower defense game available on mobile and on PC, and combine puzzle with tower defense and board game.

A very unique tower defense game where you can place randomly drawn titles to build defenses on an ever-growing piece of land.

With more than 70 titles, 75+ bonus cards, and 3 sets of game modes, defend against the incoming wave and unlock powerful titles and bonus cards.

The goal of the game is to protect the magic crystal by placing towers and creating new land for you to build more.

4. Idle Monster TD Evolved

Here we have an endless idle tower defense mobile game where you can evolve over 120 monsters to defend the portal from human invasion.

More than 40 unique monster towers with different skills that you can evolve them 3 times to provide more power to the battlefield.

6 different maps where you have to find different strategies for everyone to be ready. PvP is also present in the game so you can fight for a place on the leaderboard.

5. Candy Disaster TD

Candy Disaster TD is a game where you must keep the wave under your control for as much time as possible to gain more points for the leaderboard.

Completing a level will show you how many points did you get and where are you placed on the leaderboard.

You have different cards as towers that you can upgrade to make them stronger and different worlds with 3 types of difficulty for each level are waiting for you to make your way to the top of the leaderboard.

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