What You Can Get From Raiding An AI Base – Westland Survival

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One of the most important sources of loot in Westland Survival is by raiding an AI base. Here is everything you need before raiding a base bought from Silverton.

There are 3 AI basses available for raiding near your house. You can raid them whenever you want, but you should wait to get some dynamites because some of the AI’s rooms can’t be destroyed with axes.

Once you raid them, you have 1 hour to take as many items as possible, and then the base will disappear. So can you do to raid more AI bases?

From where can you buy AI Bases?

You can buy with 200 Silver AI Bases from Silverton Town once a week.

Once you bought the location, the base will usually appear on the map’s right-down corner.

How to make 200 Silver In Westland Survival

Probably your next question will be, how to make that amount of silver to raid more AI bases? Here are a few ways that can give you more silver daily:

  1. There are 3 quests available that give around 100 silver daily if you complete them.
  2. VIP Badge will give you 50 silver daily if you buy it for a mount. That means you will get 50 Silver x 31 = 1550 monthly.
  3. You can buy silver with real money from the store.
  4. If you are lucky, you can get them when you open the chest available once daily.
  5. Or during the events like Christmas events.

For us, the most silver we get from doing the daily quests. If you are patient and don’t spend your silver buying energy, you will have more than enough to buy the AI base weekly.

Does it worth raiding AI Bases?

YES! Imagine not spending all your Silver but also not buying with it a great way to find loot. Raiding an AI Base is a great way to find important items like weapons, clothes, food, and even resources to create more important items.

To be more specific, we have a video for you where you can find everything you need to know about buying an AI base in Westland Survival from Silverton.

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