Top 5 New Upcoming Mobile Games Of The Week – Part 3

Idle Pocket Planet

New games are going live on available as pre-registration daily on the google play store. For this week we have 5 new mobile games that you can play very soon.

1. Weapon Master Idle

Idle games are trendy these days and Weapon Master Idle is an idle game where you have to select from 24 companions with unique skills battles and let them battle for you.

Various contents where you can collect resources to upgrade your training camp, defense, or conquest. You can connect with other players through the chat feature or compete against them.

Weapon Master Idle

2. Devil Hunter Idle

In the second place, we have another idle game called Devil Hunter Idle, an action-packed RPG game with very simpler controls, where you can upgrade your character with the various action chain system.

You can hack and slash battle that wipes the enemies away and you can feel the action through this devil trigger system that can transform you into a powerful devil.

Customize your characters with those different costumes that are available and become more powerful even when you are away.

Devil Hunter Idle

3. Devolver Tumble Time

Devolver Tumble Time is a puzzle game, the future of physics-based puzzle gameplay where you have to choose your characters from a packed roster and rack up big points after matching and clearing their tumbler.

New challenges are available daily and you can buy new stuff. Unlock and earn new characters to use their special ability to clear huge chunks to earn power-ups to create chaotic chain reactions.

4. Idle Pocket Planet

Idle Pocket Planet is an idle game where you have to grow your little planets into technological fortresses and discover new weird galaxies.

You can colonize new galaxies in order to open new stages of scientific evolution. Combine collect and expand your empire into sci-fi colonies and relax in deep space with your colonies grow on their own.

Idle Pocket Planet

5. Origami Paradise

Here we have an idle where origami can come to life in this wonderful paper-folding mobile game. You can populate the world with all kinds of origami animals.

With Origami Paradise you can decorate the world with all sorts of little critters where each animal will uniquely interact with their own environment.

Expand your world by unlocking other habitats and islands to find the rarest animals that are hidden throughout each island.

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