How To Complete Waves On Canyon Trials – Westland Survival

Westland Survival has a fantastic adventure called Canyon Trials, where you can challenge waves to receive unique loot and rings for your character.

Canyon Trials is the best place to go if you are looking for new ways to find good loot to help you survive in this fantastic cowboy game.

When To Fight In Canyon Trials?

The minimum level required to go in Canyon Trials is level 15. The first few levels in Canyon Trials are very easy, you can clear them even with a melee weapon, but after that, range weapons are required.

So you must be prepared if you want to complete a lot of waves to get better loot and high ring value for your character.

We recommend you to visit Canyon Trials when you have at least a few strong-range weapons plus a tier 2-3 as clothes to complete more than a few levels.

What Gear To Bring With You In Canyon Trials?

If you want to go past wave 10 in canyon trials, you need at least a full set of tier 3 or tier 4 clothes with full durability.

It is not required to take melee weapons with you if you have enough guns. In Canyon Trials, you need at least 4 guns to come close to wave 20 or even to pass it.

Different waves need different types of guns in order to complete them safely and without damaging your set of clothes:

  1. Revolving Carabine = especially for bosses, because of high damage and because you can slow them;
  2. Henri .44 Rifle = good for eliminating enemies from a long distance;
  3. Beretta = a very good gun for a large number of enemies;
  4. And 1 or 2 normal guns to use against other enemies.

The above example is just a sample of what guns I took with me in the guide below. You should always take the best guns you have to have a better chance of completing more waves.

As for food and potions, take as many as possible, but use the strongest potions you got only on bosses.

What Are The Best Stars For Canyon Trials?

In our opinion, the best stats to put your points on, if you want to be successful in Canyon Trails are the Defense and the Spirit.

I will choose the spirits stats as the most important, because the animals that you can control will help you a lot in clearing the waves faster, and they also have taunt for bosses. Taunt forces enemies to focus their attack on your creature.

The defense stats are also good because you will take less damage and with our set of clothes combine, you will last login battle. In the guide below, we used the defense stats.

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What Can You Get By Completing Waves On Canyon Trials?

The most important items that you are looking for in Canyon Trials are the rings. Rings will improve your character stats and will give you more power in the battle.

To create amulets you also need rings, so here is the place where you have to fight to get good rings in order to create strong amulets with powerful stats.

Here you can get silver, oats, glycerol, and other loot to create more powerful guns or weapons in your base.

Canyon Trials Waves Guide

We have made a guide for you to where we are showing you what we did and how we did to complete Canyon Trails on Westland Survival, from wave 1 to wave 18 using average gear.

If you have more questions, you can comment in the comment section of this guide.

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