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Witch Cry: Horror House – Puzzle Game With Cartoon Graphics

Witch Cry: Horror House

The game is set back in time when the witches ruled the world. Your mission in Witch Cry Horror House is to complete puzzles while solving mysteries.

The story began when the animals that were trapped in the basement by those witches escaped and unleashed a series of disastrous events.

You are playing as a kid and you that the witch has kidnaped and you have to solve a mysterious puzzle that makes sense in the magical context of this game.

Witch Cry: Horror House Features

In this cartoon game, you will find a story filled with tragedy, and horror but also fantasy inspired by traditional fairy tales.

Intense chasing inside the house where you have to face an evil witch in several ways and to know her out for a while.

There are different difficulty modes where you can test your skills and abilities and in this hunted house. We highly recommended playing this game with your headsets on for a unique experience.

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